diamond buying guide

Diamond Buying Guide

The Diamond Buying Guide presents the information you need on "how to buy a diamond." Read here to discover diamond buying information that includes descriptions of the various diamond cuts, diamond clarity, diamond color, carat weight, certificates, and more.

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Precious Metals Guide

Nothing shines like gold, platinum and silver. Discover more about these most precious of metals and how to care for them.


Gold is durable, sturdy, dependable, and makes an ideal setting for your precious diamond jewelry. Gold also comes in a variety of colors — yellow, white, and rose (or pink).


Platinum, like gold, has a long and distinguished history. Its use began in antiquity and it has undergone a resurgence in popularity over the last 200 years.


Silver is the queen of metals: gleaming and elegant, cool to the eye, sensuous to the touch. Silver jewelry is a classic gift that remains close to a woman's heart.

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