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Round Brilliant Diamond

The round brilliant diamond is a sparkling and fiery cut filled with color and drama. The round brilliant diamond is the most popular selection for engagement rings.

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Round Brilliant Diamond Shape

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round brilliant diamond In contemporary times, the round brilliant diamond has become the most popular diamond shape for the engagement ring.

But diamond cutters have been studying and refining the round cut for much longer than the current popularity — and diamond cutters now use advanced theories of light behavior and precise mathematical calculations to optimize the fire of a round diamond.

Because of the popularity of round diamonds, all diamond stores are well-stocked with round diamonds, providing customers with the greatest range of flexibility in terms of balancing cost versus quality. In other words, whether you are on a limited budget or the "sky's the limit", you will likely be able to find a suitable Round Brilliant Diamond in your price range at most stores.

Choosing a Round Brilliant Diamond

For the round brilliant diamond, selecting the highest quality cut you can comfortably afford is important. For those that can afford it, "Ideal" or "Signature Ideal" is the perfect choice, but gorgeous diamonds can still be purchased with less demanding cut grades.

Our minimum recommendations for buying round brilliant cut diamonds are as follows (please remember these recommendations are opinion only, and your tastes may vary):

  • Cut: Good
  • Color: H
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Depth Percentage: 57-65%
  • Table: 51-64%

Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

Round brilliant diamonds are the traditional (and most popular) selection for engagement rings (either as a solitaire or with accent stones).

round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings Round cut diamonds do require a minimum of a four-pronged setting (as pictured).

Hand-Selected Round Brilliant Diamonds

round brilliant cut diamond rings To give you some ideas of what's available for a round brilliant diamond ring, we've preselected a range of certified round brilliant diamonds for you to examine (all from James Allen and Blue Nile, two premiere diamond stores). Except for the "Bargain Basement" selections, these diamonds are within our minimum requirements as listed above and are suitable for solitaire settings or settings with accent stones.

*PLEASE NOTE: All "Bargain Basement" diamonds fall below our minimum specification standards in one or more categories.

Where to buy Round Brilliant Diamonds

For online purchase of round brilliant diamonds, we recommend:

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